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Are You Playing Russian Roulette With Your Backed-Up Data?

By now, all of us are aware of the many threats to the security of our technology systems and data.  The catastrophic loss of critical data can ruin a business organization rendering it unable to deliver products and services to customers and worst of all, because its...

Save $$$ By Planning Your Business Disaster Recovery

Written by Guest Author: Edmundo Moreno Downtime Is More Expensive Than You Realize Whether your headquarters location is hit by extremely bad weather, or your systems are locked by a cyberattack, downtime in all of its forms can be incredibly harmful to the revenue...

What Every Small and Midsize Business Needs to Know about Sound Data Back-Up Strategies

When we think of a disaster, climate events like tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes come to our minds.  We can even picture what could happen to our business if in one of these situations.  However, what we never think of are more mundane, yet more frequent events...