Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Information Technology (IT) Products and Services

Contract Vehicle

Texas DIR-TSO-4122

Electro Systems Engineers, Inc. (ESEI) is pleased to offer professional and proactive Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Services to State of Texas agencies, City and County Governments, and Education Institutions eligible to use Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) contracts.

ESEI is a professional Telecommunications Engineering and Information Technology Services company that support clients with planning, design, integration, and management of communications and computer systems. Through our services and solutions we work with our clients to identify and resolve technology issues, to enhance our clients operations within multi-vendor and multi-technology environments, to increase availability and reliability of network and systems, and to strengthen internal IT/Telecommunications teams.

Contract Vehicle - ESEI


Under this contract, ESEI will aid DIR eligible customers in effectively preparing for and responding to a variety of disasters and emergency scenarios including natural disasters, chemical spills, forest fires, terrorist attacks, epidemiologic threats and other related situations through the integration of alternate communication paths and disaster recovery solutions. To view a detailed Product and Service Description, visit the Texas DIR website.

1. Available Products
a. Emergency Preparedness Hardware
i. Aviat Networks
ii. Radwin
b. Disaster Recovery Software
i. Storagecraft


2. Available Services
a. Project Management
b. Radio Design and Configuration
c. Radio Repair and Maintenance
d. Radio & Antenna Installation
e. Network Engineering
f. Network Administration
g. Disaster Recovery Planning
h. Disaster Recovery Software Installation
i. Disaster Recovery Software Maintenance
j. Disaster Recovery Help Desk Support
k. Disaster Recovery System Monitoring and Maintenance

Cooperative Contracts

The Cooperative Contracts allows eligible customers to buy IT products and services at aggressive discounts without the need of a lengthy procurement process. To learn more, visit the Texas DIR website. Click here > Cooperative Contracts

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Information Technology (IT) Products and Services
Contract Number DIR-TSO-4122

Pricing Information
To view the MSRP Discount, visit the Texas DIR website. Click here > Pricing Index

Warranty and Return Policy
The warranty and return policies for the products offered under this contract are as per manufacturers’ warranty and return policies and vary by product. For information on any product and/or service, please consult with ESEI at (915) 587-7902 or via e-mail at esei@esei.com.

How To Order
• For quotes and orders, contact J. Antonio Rico at (915) 587-7902.
• Visit Electro Systems Engineers, Inc., DBA ESEI’s DIR Contract Detail page. Click here > DIR-TSO-4122

Contract Benefits
• Contract open to state agencies, local governments, education institutions, and state funded organizations.
• Contract satisfies all State of Texas bidding provisions.
• Defined Terms and Conditions.
• Services customized to meet specific agency requirements.

HUB-State of Texas Certified

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