ESEI Joins El Pasoans Fighting Hunger

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In the spirit of the holidays, ESEI participated in some volunteer work at our local food bank, El Pasoan’s Fighting Hunger. I am no stranger to volunteering and donating my time to various causes, and I have actually volunteered at the food bank in the past with other organizations. I was excited to go back and see what they’d have our small crew do during our shift.

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger is El Paso’s only food bank and also serves Culberson and Hudspeth Counties. Their mission is “to combat the hunger crisis in our region by strategically procuring and distributing nutritious food through community partners…because no one should go hungry.” And they do this quite efficiently, as for every $1.00 that is donated to the organization, they are able to provide up to 7 meals. This is a key organization in our community who has helped tremendously during the strenuous times that some of our citizens have faced during the covid pandemic. We were more than glad to assist EPFH in making sure they continue to fulfill their mission.

First of all, I have to applaud EPFH for their methods in keeping our volunteering activities safe during the pandemic. I figured there were over 100 volunteers that day, but despite the large quantity of individuals, EPFH had everything figured out. As soon as we arrived to the facilities, they had us all line up 6 feet apart to sign in and get temperature checked. We were provided with gloves and then taken to the warehouse where we would be sorting and distributing food items into shopping carts. They kept our small group together, so as to minimize interacting with other people that were outside of our “bubble.” We were then each assigned a palette (or two) to handle for the duration of our shift; we were essentially an assembly line putting together a food package. I’ll be honest, it was a lot harder work than I was anticipating since it involved repetitive lifting of heavy items into the shopping cart, but it was all worth it when I heard the warehouse manager say that we needed to ramp up production to accommodate “the huge line of people waiting outside.” We hustled and went as fast as we could; and before we knew it our morning shift was ending.

All in all, it was a great experience that our team enjoyed. We were certainly sore for the rest of the day, but it was a good reminder that we were able to make a small difference in our community. If you are interested in helping out at the food bank, you can visit their website at https://elpasoansfightinghunger.org/ or give them a call at (915) 298-0353.

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