Got Your Vaccine Already? Wait! Don’t Post Your Vaccine Card On Social Media For These Reasons…

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It’s great that you already got your COVID-19 vaccine! You are so happy and the first thing you want to do is post it on Social Media to share with your followers…DON’T DO IT!

Remember that your COVID Vaccine card has your full name and date of birth. If you post this information on social media, it can be a good source of information for identity thefts out there and will make it easier for them to steal your financial data, and even social security information. But what if I cover my date of birth? Still, DON’T SHARE IT!

The information on your vaccine card also provides details about the batch number of the company producing your vaccine. What is the problem with that? Here is the problem – there are criminals in the dark web faking and using these batch numbers on fake vaccine cards and selling them for $600!

Why would people want to get a fake vaccine card? Well, remember that your vaccine card can potentially become a “passport” to travel or even a work requirement in the future, so these cards will basically be a form of access and identification. Using a fake vaccine card is considered a criminal offense, as you are not only reproducing government seals but also putting other people’s health at risk.

As recommended by authorities, be sure you store your card in a safe place. You can take photos of the card and store this as a “backup copy.” If you lose it, you can always contact the entity that administered the vaccine and request a copy.

Our technological advice here is for you to double check before you post online so that it doesn’t expose you, as there are countless cyber criminals always on the hunt of more data. Our second-best advice is for you to go to Krispy Kreme and get your free Donut with your vaccine card.

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