Private Browsing….Not So Private

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You have probably wondered, what is this incognito mode on my browser? Is it really safe? Am I going to get caught if I visit naughty sites? Is my information secured?

Yes, it stops websites and advertisers from collecting data during the session. Yes, your user names and passwords won’t be safe when connecting onto public computers or someone else’s device…but for all intents and purposes private browsing is not private.

Here are some myths about “private” browsing:

1. “Private” Browsing or “Incognito” mode does not mask your identity or activity online. Websites you visit and internet service providers can still gather information about your visit…even if you don’t sign in. If you browse at work, IT is still able to monitor traffic through firewalls.

2. It does let you browse without saving passwords, cookies, and history…but it will not remove all traces of your activity on that computer. If you happen to download something, the activity won’t show on your history but the file can be traced on your computer. The same applies if you decide to bookmark a particular website.

3. If there is malware installed on your computer, private browsing will not protect you from spyware or keystroke loggers; just because you are in incognito mode does not mean you will be hidden from these malware attacks.

Remember, the only one that will keep you safe is YOU. If you don’t feel comfortable visiting a site or think you might be infected with malware, give us a call at (915) 587-7902. We are here to help.




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