Rant: Dungeons & Dragons New Film – Part 1

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Recently it has come to light that a movie is coming down the line to bask in the Renewed Glory of Dungeons and Dragons. Since web series’ such as The Critical Role, Dimension 20, Highrollers, and Dungeons & Daddies became popular over the past few years, Wizards of the Coast are ready to cash in as well. In April 2019, Critical Role fundraised $11,385,449 to create The Legend of Vox Machina, an animated show about their First D&D game, where a bunch of nerdy voice actors sit around and play Dungeons and Dragons. On the wings of such success, Wizards of the Coast want in too.

The new D&D movie is not off to a good start. As news of the Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves arrives, I become more apprehensive about the liberties filmmakers take when making films. I have seen what they have done to beloved shows like Avatar, the Last Air Bender, Dragon Ball, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians when they make them into movies. As an avid player of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other mediums of RPGs, the first thing I noted that was very wrong was the movie poster. Specifically, the artwork for the Barbarians Baine – The Intellect Devourer, was wrong. For those who don’t play D&D, the intellect devourer are humans captured by the squid people known as the Illithids or Mind Flayers and given a nasty serum to make them into a giant brain with four dog-like paws. The artwork for the Intellect Devourer on the Official D&D poster, is licensed artwork from Pathfinder’s Bestiary book. A competitor of Wizards of the Coast.

I can tell the movie will take place within the Sword Coast, the official world of Dungeons and dragons. That means everything within the books of D&D will be held as FACTS, so let’s go through them, shall we? The Sword Coast has several books about adventures, such as Tomb of Annihilation, Curse of Strahd, The Rise of Tiamat, Ghosts of Saltmarsh, and Icewind Dale, the location where this D&D movie will take place. From what I can see, it starts in Waterdeep, a large port town within the world of Faerun, south of the Sword Mountains. Icewind Dale exists in the Northern part of Faerun. We also see the Underdark, the giant underground cave system under the surface world of Faerun, home to a host of people and monsters.

The Roles of our heroes are as follows: Human Bard, a Tiefling Druid, Human Barbarian, Human Wizard/Sorcerer, Human Paladin, and rounding off with the Villain Human Rouge. For those who don’t play D&D may be lost with the Tiefling. Don’t worry, I’ll explain the races of D&D. First of all, humans bog standard is very malleable to make interesting Builds. Next are the classics – Dwarfs, Elfs, Orcs, Halflings (hobbits but legally can’t call them that), and Gnomes. For the uncommon –  we have two Tieflings and Dragonborn (Skyrim is that you). Tieflings are children who have become demonic looking by the fault of their parents; either their parent had a wild night with a devil/demon, or made a deal with one and corrupted their child. Tieflings can come in numerous skin colors and dull human skin tones. They have cloven hooves and a prehensile devil-like tail. Dragonborn are humans whose a dragon’s passive magic has changed to a half dragon half human state with no wings or tail.

In one of the trailers that have been released, we see our Tiefling using a Class ability of Druids. It is called Wild Shape and turns into an Owlbear, which within the world of Faerun Druids cannot do; however, this tells me that the party is around Level 9, and Druid is a Circle of the Moon Druid only way to have powerful wild shapes. We can also see that the barbarian is a Path of the Storm Herald. Storm Heralds are all about Control in combat. No one leaves the area around them unless they are tossed like a rag dolls. We can’t pinpoint the other party members as accurately as we can for these two because the subclass abilities haven’t been shown, and for one, we don’t know a definite class of just a range of wizards or sorcerers. For now,  this is what we know. In further blogs, I will go into the monsters we have seen in the trailers as more come out.

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