The Franklin Mountains, Our Own Hidden Gem

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A few years ago, I decided to move away from jogging/running to a low impact cardio workout.  I found that hiking was an excellent alternative to running/jogging.  I get the benefits of the cardiovascular workout and do not have the issues I used to have with high impact jogging/running.

Now that we can get out and start to resume our normal lives after the pandemic.  There is what I believe to be a hidden gem in our own backyard.  I am referring to the Franklin Mountain State Park in El Paso, Texas.  You can hike, bike, camp overnight and even rock climb.  There are many hiking trails form beginner to advanced levels.  I would recommend that you visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website to get the most recent information regarding hours, fees and programs at this park.  Check out their website: https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/.  I plan on getting an annual pass for my family.  We enjoy visiting as a family and exploring every year.   Do not forget to bring your water and sunscreen if you go.  Have a safe and fun summer! 

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