Where Did 2020 Go???

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When you hear leap year, you think of the extra day we have in February every four years. Recently, I hear leap year, and I automatically think – “Year 2020.”

Where did 2020 go?

For most of the world, we were isolated, either by ourselves, with pets, or family. Some of us picked up new hobbies. Many of us, home repair. Others, quality time with at-home family members that we got accustomed to seeing daily. I, for one, had to find different at-home workouts to keep myself active. Pre-pandemic I was very used to going to the gym where you find a dynamic range of machines and weights. To try to imitate the gym that I was used to, I attempted to purchase my own equipment. I’d make a few trips to the local Walmart or Target (as these stores were kept open during the pandemic) only to find empty racks, all was sold out. People were already ahead of me in getting at-home workout equipment. I was now dependent on Facebook ad’s and online retailers for equipment (which were also on backorder).

We all were forced to make small to major adjustments in our daily routines. Lifestyle’s changed, businesses were impacted. There was good and there was bad. Either way, I feel for each and every one of us, but we should be proud in coming this far despite the struggles and adaptation we faced. What are your thoughts? Was the pandemic the necessary evil, to bring us closer? For us to grow as a community at a worldwide level?

Again, it almost feels like 2020 was a leap year in itself and now we’re more than halfway through the year 2021. Thankfully we have great science and research in this era and we were able to react and fight off COVID. Today, day-by-day, we are now going back to a bit of normality. At one point when I first heard that businesses, schools, restaurants, and entertainment centers were being shut down, it almost felt like the year would drag. A bit over a year later, and now I look back and think… Where did 2020 go?

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