FIFA World Cup 2022 Final Count

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The 32 teams for the 2022 World Cup Qatar have been established. After four years of qualifiers, the tournament is ready for kickoff. It all begins Monday, November 21 through Sunday, December 18. Here are all the teams/groups that will take part in the prestigious competition.

This will be the 22nd world cup overall and the first to take place in the Arab world. In addition, this will be the last tournament to have 32 teams, since the 2026 edition will move up to 48. A total of 8 stadiums will play host to a total of 64 games.

This will be the most carbon neutral world cup. All stadiums have solar powered lighting, along with many carbon offsets aiming to achieve a 4-star global sustainability assessment system certification. Six of the stadiums will have about half their seats taken up afterwards and sent to developing countries, while the seventh stadium will be dismantled.

Another thing to note will be the partnership agreement with blockchain innovator Algorand. This marks the first time the competition will be sponsored by anything Crypto related.

Overall, there is plenty to be excited about this time around. The first game will kickoff at 3AM MST in a match between Senegal and the Netherlands, so stay tuned!

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