We Apply Technology in Support of Our Client’s Success

Since 1994 we have supported our clients’ operations through engineering, integration, and management of technology solutions.  Despite the ever-evolving nature of technology and of our clients’ technical needs, our solid commitment to delivering end-to-end solutions in multi-technology and multi-vendor environments through Unparalleled Customer Service remains the same.   

ESEI Telecommunication Servers

The ESEI Way

Through our professional services we help clients identify, assess, and evaluate alternatives to resolve technology challenges, which results in increased availability and reliability of networks and systems, end-to-end network connectivity, proactive and highly responsive support to end users, and compliance with cybersecurity industry requirements.

Furthermore, because we do not have ties to equipment manufacturers or service providers, our only purpose is to provide objective, incisive, and independent solutions that allows for the implementation of the most cost effective and technically sound solutions.

ESEI Services

IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Our IT Managed services will help you enrich your business operations, through the all-encompassing management of your technological devices and tech-related vendors.

Network Integration

Network Integration

ESEI Network Integration allows for the seamless integration of your technological devices, in support of your business operations.

Wireless Technology Services

Wireless Technology Services

We specialize in the design and interconnection of wireless networks for large amounts of users, working with various agencies in turn-key projects.

Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

ESEI Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery services allow for the storage of your data either locally or in the Cloud, thus creating a safety net in case of a disaster.

Network Security Compliance

Network Security Compliance

Our design and implementation expertise can safeguard your data and systems from cybercrime, while also complying with cyber security standards.

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Our Technology Consultants have the expertise and know-how to devise innovative and cost effective solutions for your tech-related tasks at hand.

Technology Service Through Unparalleled Customer Service

At ESEI we take just as much pride in our engineering and technical expertise as we do in our ability to deliver technology services through unparalleled customer service.  We understand how important results are when building and managing technology network and systems but most importantly, we understand how responsive our customers expect us to be when delivering superior results.

Our aim is to deliver Operational and Information Technology solutions which provide end-to-end connectivity, superior availability and reliability, and highly responsive user service and satisfaction.

Quality Service

Getting the job done is just the beginning when it comes to delivering Operational and Information Technology Solutions; we get the job done ASAP in order to keep progress on-track.

We respect your organization’s productivity; that is why we take pride in getting your infrastructure up and running as fast as possible with the ease of mind that our in-house experts will take care of you with exceptional quality.

Availability & Reliability

We understand your organization needs to run smoothly and efficiently, and your technology environment has a big part in keeping the productivity alive.

Our commitment is to keep all of your technology running without downtime by designing them to follow industry standards, securing them to adhere to strict cybersecurity standards, and managing them to follow industry best practices.

Our Priority Is You

We understand the importance of productivity in the workplace.  For this reason, we always respond in a timely manner and work hard at resolving issues at the root of the problem.  To do this, we develop and track support metrics to analyze trends, evaluate results, and improve our processes on an ongoing basis.

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