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Texas DIR-TSO-3674

Electro Systems Engineers, Inc. (ESEI) is pleased to offer professional and professional and proactive End User IT Outsourcing Services to State of Texas agencies, City and County Governments, and Education Institutions eligible to use Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) contracts.

ESEI is a professional Telecommunications Engineering and Information Technology Services company that support clients with planning, design, integration, and management of communications and computer systems. Through our services and solutions we work with our clients to identify and resolve technology issues, to enhance our clients operations within multi-vendor and multi-technology environments, to increase availability and reliability of network and systems, and to strengthen internal IT/Telecommunications teams.

Managed Services

a. Provisioning of equipment

Under this contract, ESEI will provision desktops/workstations, notebooks/portables, mobility devices, end-user support servers, storage area networks, networking, software, and peripherals. Provisioning services shall include, but not be limited to: management of equipment procurement, equipment configuration management, and provisioning of equipment. We will provision equipment as per customer specifications and/or standards in order to maintain consistency of systems across the IT environment. Under this contract we can provide our customers with equipment under leasing agreements.

b. Desktop OutSourcing Services

For all the equipment covered under this contract, i.e. desktops, workstations, laptops notebooks/portables, mobility devices, end-user support servers, storage area networks, networking, software, and peripherals we will we will provide the following support services:

  • Desktop dispatch
  • Hardware Break/Fix
  • Installations, moves, adds and changes (IMAC) • Remote server
  • LAN/WAN (where applicable)
  • Shrink-wrapped software (dispatched efforts)
  • First-level application (dispatched efforts)
  • Enterprise-specific (where required)
  • IT asset inventory maintenance and process controls
  • Backup and recovery processes
  • Patch management
  • Output management
  • Hardware standards establishment
c. Asset Tracking Services

ESEI will maintain a central asset management system to track client equipment to include, but not be limited to: physical location, user, software licenses, maintenance records, and end of Agreement term dates. We will update the information as necessary to account for IMAC, maintenance, and deskside support. We use the same system track any equipment that is provided under lease agreements.

Support Services

a. Service Desk

ESEI will receive and process trouble tickets that come thru our ticketing system and/or via telephone. Customer end users will use our trouble ticketing system to report maintenance issues, enter trouble-tickets, and request for assistance as necessary. We will respnd to all trouble tickets within sixty (60) minutes of receipt. Our IT Help Desk will categorize the ticket as per our Service Level Agreement (SLA). End-user support services include:

  • Labor, facilities, systems, processes, management and connectivity for service desk support
  • First-level and second-level support
  • Problem categorization and logging
  • Problem tracking and escalation
  • Problem resolution
  • Remote access and resolution
b. On Site Support & MAC Services

ESEI will provide customers with technical onsite support services, to include, but not be limited to: option for our staff residing at a Customer location, assisting with complex problem identification, resolving complex issues which cannot be resolved by assistance of the help desk, installation of emergency hardware/software fixes, troubleshooting, physical relocation of equipment, continuing equipment modifications or upgrades, installation/de-installation, packing/unpacking of equipment, and swaps/replacement of equipment.

c. Remote Support Services

ESEI will provide remote end user support services to “take over” and support a piece of equipment from a centralized location by our Help Desk personnel. Our remote support will be provided from our main office in El Paso, TX.

d. Standard & Ad Hoc Reporting & Description

ESEI will maintain customers abreast of our performance by producing and delivering various types of reports via online or hard copy that may include, but not be limited to: number of problems/calls logged, number of dispatch calls, and resolution time frames.

e. Break/Fix/Maintenance Services

As part of our support to our Customers, we will provide time and materials maintenance, troubleshooting, on-site support function, and upgrading of equipment services as needed to provide any enhanced technology features.

Technology Services

a. Network Management Services

ESEI will manage and provide services for network related issues, to include, but not be limited to: connectivity troubleshooting, eliminating bottlenecks, and monitoring. ESEI will work with Customer network provider to troubleshoot issues.

b. Software Services

ESEI will manage Customer line-of-business software to include, but not be limited to: software configuration management, patches, automated distribution, imaging creation, and imaging implementations. ESEI assumes Customer will have a maintenance contract with Software Developer.

c. Security Services

ESEI will provide manage security services to Customer as applicable to the equipment as described in the Provisioning of Equipment and Procurement Services section. Security services will include, but not be limited to: firewalls, passwords, and data protection, equipment shipped in a default secure configuration, and option to keep a hard drive is required within the applicable equipment configuration.

This contract also authorizes ESEI to lease equipment to Texas State Agencies through a Master Lease Operating Agreement and to other non-State Agencies with access to the contract through a Master Lease Agreement. This will provide end-users with state-of-the-art equipment for the duration of the engagement.

Cooperative Contracts 

The Cooperative Contracts allows eligible customers to buy IT products and services at aggressive discounts without the need of a lengthy procurement process. To learn more, visit the Texas DIR website. Click here > Cooperative Contracts

End-User IT Outsourcing Services

Contract Number: DIR TSO-3674

Contract Benefits
• Contract open to state agencies, local governments, education institutions, and state-funded organizations.
• Contract satisfies all State of Texas bidding provisions.
• Authorized Master Lease Operational Agreements and Master Lease Agreements.
• Direct relationship with vendor for ordering and payment.
• Defined Terms and Conditions.
• Services customized to meet specific agency requirements.

Warranty and Return Policies

• All equipment provided under Authorized Master Lease Operational Agreements and Master Lease Agreements is fully warrantied (parts and labor) for the duration of the agreement.
• ESEI will replace, at no additional cost to client, any piece of leased equipment not performing as specified, provided equipment has not been damaged by negligence or abuse.

HUB-State of Texas Certified

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