Spring into Cleaning your Desktop & Data

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Take a deep breath in, and if you haven’t started sneezing and your eyes aren’t filled with pollen-filled tears from allergies, welcome to spring, other wise bless you. Spring has traditionally been viewed as a season of new beginnings and renewal. The new season brings with it spring cleaning, renewed gardens, green grass, and trees leaves start growing back. With all this renewal, spring can also be a good time to renew and clean up your pc desktop and data. Cleaning up your files not only helps organize and declutter your data but it can also help free up space and speed up a slow pc. Here are some tips to help you get started on that spring cleaning.

1. Uninstall any applications that you don’t use anymore. The more apps you have, the more space you use and most likely all those applications have shortcuts on your desktop.

2. Remove shortcuts on your desktop. You don’t have to uninstall the application if you don’t want to but sometimes there are just too many shortcuts on the desktop. Simply delete them from the desktop and this will keep the application installed, and only the shortcut will be gone.

3. Delete any files or folders you don’t use anymore. Sometimes we don’t realize just how many files and folders we have collected over time. Common places to look are your desktop, documents, pictures, music, and especially the downloads folder. Just be careful not to delete any folder or files the system uses.

4. Empty out that recycle bin. A lot of times we delete files and folders but then we forget to empty out that recycle bin. Remember that even though they are in the recycle bin they still count towards the space we are using.

Need a tissue? I know spring cleaning isn’t for everyone but while we can’t do anything about your allergies, ESEI can help you with springing into cleaning up your desktop and data. Let us help you out with those new beginnings…oh and bless you, again.

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