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“Deleted” Files: The Truth About What Really Happens When You Delete Something

What happens when you delete files? Do they really go away forever? Can you recover deleted files?First it’s important to know that all files in your computer are stored on your hard drive. Any time that you want to access a file the Operating system will contact the...

Avoid Hidden Technology Costs for Your Business

When we think about the costs of Small and Midsize business (SMB) technology, various device, software, and service prices come to mind.  We also may ponder the cost of maintaining an ever-changing Information Technology environment by hiring someone to take care of...

3 Simple Tips That Will Keep Your Business Connected

On June 15th of this year, T-Mobile experienced a large outage on their network.  Immediately after, users started to complain about the lack of service and many news outlets began speculating about the reason for the loss of service.  Some thought that it was the...

5 Easy Ways for Small and Midsize Businesses to Secure Data While Working from Home

In a short period of time your Small or Mid-sized business (SMB) probably had to ask its employees to work from home following the “social distancing” recommendations from health authorities brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic. This seemingly overnight relocation...
Is The Pandemic Over??

Is The Pandemic Over??

So, it’s finally been a little over a year since quarantine started in the U.S. Now that we’ve had...