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Is The Pandemic Over??

So, it’s finally been a little over a year since quarantine started in the U.S. Now that we’ve had a good 12ish months to process everything that we’ve gone through, I wanted to analyze where we’re at right now. We had first started hearing about the “coronavirus”...

Tutorial: How To Recover Your Passwords

This is how to recover your passwords using Google Chrome. Let Us Learn More About You

5 Business Books I Enjoyed in 2020

Perhaps because I found that reading early in the morning when I am fully rested is prime time for absorbing information, or because I needed to clear my mind of so much noise from the news outlets, or because COVID-19 provided time for me to concentrate on fewer...

What Is The Dark Web? Is It Dangerous?

First let’s understand what the web is. The Web, also known as the World Wide Web, is a cluster of interconnected computer networks that can be accessed over the internet. Here, you can access websites which are identified by unique URLs (Uniform Resource Locator)...

Tutorial: How to Import Google Chrome Bookmarks & Browser Data to Microsoft Edge

This is how to import your Google Chrome browsing data and bookmarks to Microsoft Edge browser. Please note that you must be using the latest version of Microsoft Edge (blue ocean swirl icon) for this to work properly.  Let Us Learn More About You

Private Browsing….Not So Private

You have probably wondered, what is this incognito mode on my browser? Is it really safe? Am I going to get caught if I visit naughty sites? Is my information secured? Yes, it stops websites and advertisers from collecting data during the session. Yes, your user names...

ESEI Joins El Pasoans Fighting Hunger

In the spirit of the holidays, ESEI participated in some volunteer work at our local food bank, El Pasoan’s Fighting Hunger. I am no stranger to volunteering and donating my time to various causes, and I have actually volunteered at the food bank in the past with...

Nonprofits: How to Overcome This Common Weakness

One of the things I love about being involved in the community is that it gives me the chance to make a difference. I have had the privilege of getting to know some truly amazing individuals who go above and beyond to serve those in need. Donating my time to various...

5 Proactive Steps for Nonprofit Organizations

If we think about it, we are no longer surprised when we hear about the always increasing number of hacking incidents when companies, governments and organizations lose large number of records containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of clients, tax payers,...

Think Before You Toss: A Guide for Electronic Device Disposal

Blog Based on Daniel Escalera's Tech Tip Featured on Instagram and Facebook All of us have more than one electronic device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, copier/scanner, etc.) and continue to upgrade them as soon as new models hit the market.  Many times, we store...