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Weather the Storm with a Continuity Plan

Monsoon season is upon us. The heavy rainfalls that we expect this season make us think about how to prep our homes and routines. This may look like bringing in patio furniture that you don’t want to get damaged, or planning different routes to work to avoid areas...

All You Need to Know About the Principle of Least Privilege

Did you know that two of the most infamous data breaches on record, namely the ones at Home Depot[i] and Target[ii], occurred due to a compromise of their network credentials? In both cases, hackers used privileged user accounts to access critical business data and...

Spring into Cleaning your Desktop & Data

Take a deep breath in, and if you haven’t started sneezing and your eyes aren’t filled with pollen-filled tears from allergies, welcome to spring, other wise bless you. Spring has traditionally been viewed as a season of new beginnings and renewal. The new season...

Holiday Scams are Alive and Well

It’s the most wonderful time of year again. Kids are writing lists, parents are hunting for deals, and scammers are out taking names and wallets. Just as the winter months of the end of the year are the most exciting for Families getting gifts and making people happy....

The Power of Surge Protectors

A short interruption to your work is more likely to cost less than buying a UPS (uninterruptible power supply AKA battery) for your computer. This is the reason why most businesses don’t have a UPS for their employees (and that is perfectly fine); but what about a...

A New Approach to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

When it comes to cybersecurity, small and midsize businesses have relied on anti-virus, firewalls, multi-factor authentication, and DNS/Web filters to protect their networks and data from malicious activities.  Each of these services play an important role in reducing...

Fishing vs. Phishing

Fishing and phishing, one is fun to catch and the other catches you! Wait, what? Fishing is of course an all-time favorite hobby of mine but in todays all connected digital world we have to be vigilante to Phishing scams. “What is Phishing” you ask. Well according to...

Goodbye To An Old Friend

Today, after 27 years, Internet Explorer has been officially retired as a browser on all Windows Systems. The new sheriff in town is Microsoft Edge. If you try to reach the internet using Internet Explorer you will get an announcement that the website will not work...

Technology Is Not Sexy, Here’s Why

Written by Guest Author: Diego Rico Technology plays hard to get, but not in a sexy way. It invites us in with promises of convenience but pushes us away with indecipherable options and configurations.  That's why you bought that fancy laptop from the commercial on...

Tutorial: How to Format a USB Storage to Work with Windows and MAC

This is how to format a USB storage device (aka external storage hard drive) to work with Windows and MAC. Let Us Learn More About You